A Note From the Chef

Greetings from the kitchen!

K will be closed for dinner this friday night, 5/26...but we will be open for both lunch & dinner on Saturday!  We are going to open the patio up so come on down and celebrate Memorial Day weekend with us...the menu has some great choices.  The asian tuna and the beef tenderloin rigatoni is going to hit the spot.

We will be having an special patio opening party soon!  We are going to do it in combination with our first annual Rose Wine Tasting Party.

Cooking classes are now in full gear.  If you want to see the rest of the schedule just scroll down, the list of classes comes next after this.  Our next one is on the 30th...Cook like a Chef.  I will be showing you all the tricks of the trade to make you food look like it comes from a professional kitchen.  It should be a fun one so come on down and join us!  

We are a few weeks into our new wine list and it is going really well, but we have expanded on wine portfolio soooo there are a lot more you need to try.  Remember if you don't finish it here, we can seal it up and you can take it home.  We have so much wine in the back of the house we are doing $6 glass pours of some of our wonderful bottles from the last menu and from parties.  You get a chance to taste some new wines and you don't have to pay the bottle price.

Our lunch menu had gone over quite well. So far the hits are the cuban sandwich and the red thai curry shrimp dish. However, our chicken casserole with puff pastry and warm pot roast sandwich are still the big winners. We are getting ready to change the menu....so some things will have to come off and be replaced...just saying it might be time to come in and have it one last time.

Have a good one!   K

New Cooking Class Info

*Classes are $25 plus tax ($26.88) unless specified

*Classes include a demonstration class format, recipes and tastings…beverages (beer, wine, soda) can be purchased

*Classes must be paid for in advance and are only refundable if canceled 24hrs ahead~except Tuesday classes must be canceled by the Saturday evening before or you do have permission to leave a message on our answering machine

*To register please call (605) 336 3315 or stop down to the shop at 401 E. 8th St. Suite #128 Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Please do not email your registration for any classes.

*Please be aware that if the class is too small we may have to cancel but we will refund your payment


Wednesday, May 10th @ 5:30pm

  • French style roasted carrot goat cheese salad
  • Spanish Paella-a chicken, sausage, shrimp & saffron rice dish
  • USA's compost cookies

In this class we will learn some new and some classic dishes from around the world!

Wednesday, May 17th @ 5:30pm                                                                                                                        

  • The perfect antipasti platter for a party
  • 3 new and exciting wines

First, we will learn how to make a great appetizer platter that will go well with all kinds of wine, and then we will open some great new ones and taste them.

Tuesday, May 30th @ 5:30pm                                                                                                                            

  • Basic salad dressing/marinades
  • Wine, butter & cream sauces, sweet & savory

The first in a series of classes I will be teaching – I will start with dressings & sauces, and we will show you not only how to use them, but how to plate them to make your food look spectacular!

Thursday, June 1st @ 5:30pm                                                                                                                            

  • Tomato carpaccio
  • Mushroom potato gnocchi (from scratch)
  • Amaretti chocolate semifreddo

This will be the perfect Italian summer dinner––nice, light and not complicated.

Tuesday, June 13th @ 5:30pm                                                                                                                            

  • Lemon chicken
  • French potato salad
  • Ultimate brownie

What is better than fried chicken on a picnic? LEMON pan-sauteed/oven finished chicken....enough said!