A Note From the Chef

Greetings from the kitchen!

Welcome to the weekend!  We are open for dinner both nights this weekend...hopefully the weather will start to cooperate a little better.  The menu picks for this weekend are the bbq pork potato bake (amazing) and the sirloin with the bacon corn & scallion sauce (it just reminds me of summer)...however the crab fettucine is right there also.  Come on down and get a bite or grab something to go and take it to the Falls....we can take care of that also.

We do have a cooking class coming up if you are interested.  We are doing a Summer Patio Cooking Class for Sanford.  Give us a call at #336.3315 to sign up and get a little more info.  The class will be like the ones we do...demo style and you will get to sample as we go.  There will be three things- a starter, an entree and a dessert taught that night.  Come and join us.

Because there is a lot going on this weekend... please to make sure you have a table ready give us a call.  #336.3315.  Remember we are just a small restaurant...so we can fill up pretty fast and some times it just may be that the staff needs a little time to catch up before seating more people. We truly appreciate those of you who understand that.  Hope to see you soon!

Thanks to all that made it to our last cooking class.  That was the last one in this series...but we will start back up after graduation parties have subsided.  I am thinking mid June.  Call 336.3315 for more information on the class just scroll down and there is a listing of our current schedule. They are great fun...super informal...and hopefully packed full of lots of usual information and great recipes.

Our lunch menu had gone over quite well. So far the hits are the cuban sandwich and the red thai curry shrimp dish. However, our chicken casserole with puff pastry and warm pot roast sandwich are still the big winners. OK I know we said we were changing the menu...but we got a lot of push back from that, so....we will be just be changing only a few dishes.  Look for that change to come.

Have a good one!   K

New Cooking Class Info

*Classes are $25 plus tax ($26.88) unless specified

*Classes include a demonstration class format, recipes and tastings…beverages (beer, wine, soda) can be purchased

*Classes must be paid for in advance and are only refundable if canceled 24hrs ahead~except Tuesday classes must be canceled by the Saturday evening before or you do have permission to leave a message on our answering machine

*To register please call (605) 336 3315 or stop down to the shop at 401 E. 8th St. Suite #128 Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Please do not email your registration for any classes.

*Please be aware that if the class is too small we may have to cancel but we will refund your payment



***new schedule coming soon***

Sample of our classes......Weekend Brunch Cooking Class

A great class that will spice up your weekends, but will also help with those of you that are looking for something different for the Easter holiday.

What we will be making….

a tasty little champagne drink/hearty breakfast turnover/

potato mushroom hash/brazilian coconut strawberry truffles